Lately I’ve been pretty busy packing up and getting ready for study abroad.  But everybody needs a break, so what better break is there than cupcakes?  And what’s easier to draw on a cupcake than a Sesame Street character (basically a ball of color with eyes).

Cookie Monster Cupcakes:

Who hasn’t wanted a snack that makes it so you don’t have to choose between cookies or cupcakes?  This character and my lack of respect for the number of calories I consume have made this dream possible!

First, cut in a space for a mini chocolate chip cookie (I used the break and bake kind) into your cupcake (I used boxed vanilla cake)

A marriage of desserts so perfect you must eat it

Then, Ice around the cookie and all over the rest of the cupcake with blue icing.

Then, add two eyes (I used York Peppermint Patty Bites, they look exactly like albino M&Ms which is admittedly kind of weird)

Non-seeing minty eyeballs for Cookie Monster

Finally, draw on the googly eyes with black icing!

And Voila! You have a monster that is addicted to eating baked goods MADE out of baked goods!

Pictured: Edible Irony

After that you can easily make Cupcake Elmo:

Ice with red icing, add York eyes, draw on eyes with black icing, add a smile with black icing, and finally add a nose with a red Dot


Eat Me Elmo

Running low on black icing, I decided to make a few Oscar the Grouch cupcakes.  Ice with green icing, add the York eyes, black ice in the eyes and mouths, and add chocolate icing eyebrows/unibrow!

So tasty, I'd pick him up out of his trash can to eat him!

So, there you have it!  Sesame Street cupcakes for no real reason other than to make cupcakes and eat them!